Inside Light is a documentary photography project for children and young people all over the world who find themselves in adverse conditions and living situations. The aim of Inside Light is to enable young people to find hope in their environments by engaging them with moments of positivity, often overlooked by the main stream media.

We believe that by stimulating young people in tough living situations to find sparks of optimism in their close surroundings, we can help them cultivate hope and confidence. Therefore we started the Inside Light Project, a photography project where young people are taught to use a camera and capture their own moment of positivity.

The Inside Light concept has strength in its simplicity. Each child or young person taking part in Inside Light becomes a 'Light Activist' and is given a compact, disposable, 35mm film camera in conjunction with workshops facilitated by professional photographers. For the young people it is an opportunity to engage with their environments in more positive ways. 

We started the Inside Light project in Lesvos, an island in Greece that found itself at the forefront of the refugee crisis. 

Inside Light was created and founded by Sevilay Maria Van Dorst, Sebastian Gil Miranda and Oliver Zimmermann. Our pilot project started in the largest refugee camp on the island. But for us this is only the beginning. We would like to invite other professional photographers to join us and share this project and opportunity to children all over the world. 



We would like to thank the following people and organisations that helped making the Inside Light video

Music by Tom Gilbert at Echoic Audio, Editing by Catarina Oliveira, Shot on location by Jacob Parish and produced by Zed Productions